Florist Information

How to make a cut flower reservation

If you are interested in ordering our dahlias as cut flowers in August or September, we would like for you to e-mail your reservation request to us.  Reservations must be for Monday, July 24th or later.  All reservations must be made by e-mail (if you call to make your reservation, we will just refer you back to this page and have you e-mail us your reservation). Please note that we do not ship our cut flowers or deliver them.  We do not require a deposit, but please inform us if you need to change or cancel your order.  Full payment is due at time of picking or pick up.

We are happy to cut your order for you!  Or if you want to pick your own order, you are welcome to do so, we’ll teach you how to cut them when you arrive for picking.  Either way, you must have an appointment to pick or to pick up.  Please be aware that our calendar fills up quickly with florists and brides picking specific colors and varieties, so the sooner you can make a reservation, the better!

You can park down by the barn. Questions regarding cut flower reservations? Call Ray at 616.292.5567

Important information about how to order your dahlias:

  • Our dahlias come in purple, orange, pink, red, white, and yellow.
  • When ordering white dahlias, our best pure white is Blizzard.  We do not have quantity of large whites and many of our medium whites have some lavender on them (if you are flexible with the hint of lavender, you may order them).
  • Please order mainly by color/size.  If you know the name of a specific variety you would like, you may request it by name.  We’ll check if it’s available for you, if it’s not, we can suggest something similar.
  • Our bloom sizes are approximately as follows:
    • Smalls are 2-4 inches
    • Mediums are 4-8 inches
    • Larges are 8-12 inches
  • You will have do your best to estimate the number of dahlias you’ll need in each size/color.  We cannot do this for you.  Please use the sizing above to help you in this.
  • We do not need to know specifically where you’ll be using the dahlias, just the total number for each size/color

Example: 30 small white, 10 medium light pink, 20 medium orange, 10 large light pink, 8 large orange

Pricing for Florists:

We Cut:

  • Small (up to 4 in.) – $1.00
  • Medium (4 – 8 in.) – $1.50
  • Large (more than 8 in.) – $2.50

You Cut:

  • Small (up to 4 in.) – $0.75
  • Medium (4 – 8 in.) – $1.00
  • Large (more than 8 in.) – $2.00

Helpful Tips

  • If you are picking your dahlias, wear clothing and shoes that can get dirty. It’s often very wet in the mornings, so rain boots/pants are helpful.
  • It takes longer than you may think to pick orders. The farm is almost 5 acres and it takes a while to walk between varieties so plan enough time for your visit.
  • Bring water to drink if you plan to be at the farm for a while as it can get hot out here!

Don’t Forget to Bring:


Bring more than you think you need (five gallon pails are usually too tall, bring shorter buckets like car washing pails). Water is provided in the field.

Pruners or Sciccors

If you are cutting your own.


Please pay by cash or check at the time of pickup at the field. An invoice will be provided. Please make checks payable to Hudsonville Dahlia Farm.

Directions to the Farm:

The dahlia farm is located on Barry St. between 14th and 22nd Ave in Hudsonville just south of 44th Street. Please see the About Us page for directions!