Please note that each variety comes only in one size.  The pictures list the name of the flower and its size.   If you have any questions feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment to come and see them in person.


  • Large: 8-10 inches in diameter
  • Medium: 6-8 inches in diameter
  • Small: 4-6 inches in diameter

List of pink dahlias at Hudsonville Dahlia Farm

  1. Small
    • Peaches ‘n Cream
    • Stella J
    • Rebecca Lynn
    • Snoho Dorris
    • Stuffolk Punch
  2. Medium
    • Just Peachy
    • Just Married
    • Bargally Blush
    • Bradley Aaron
    • Tempest
    • Kenora Lisa
    • Sea Electra
    • Raspberry Royale
  3. Large
    • Islander

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